Princeton, New Jersey

My first trip to your Glenolden store, a few weeks back was a new adventure to me. I am 53, just started college, full time, and laid off last month.

Monies are tight. I told my man friend that my windshield wipers needed to be change. If I go to Pep boys and buy them, would he install them..long story short, I had them installed also! Rob, your employee was very respectable and admirable towards me.

Within 15 min. I was in, paid for, job done and out. Today 2-6, I went back and bought a head light bulb and windshield fluid, went to the register and Robin, walked me through the process of how the labor department works in your company. Very kind and assertive, I like her style.

I drove around back and once again I had Rob at my window. Within 20 mins. I was in and out again.

Who needs a man when you have PepBoys!! Very happy customes here, Thank you Suzi Langguth

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You let Rob help you???? That dude got busted for touching kids behind the parts counter.

Masterton, Wellington, New Zealand #51666

glad you are happy with your pep boys here in Ca most of the time your lucky if you get someone who speaks english or isnt a fricken dumbbutt, they are just about the same level as Big Oafs Tires


not for everyone else. in different locations pep boys suck!

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