Long Branch, New Jersey

To whom it may concern Pep Boys are rip off artist and they take advantage of women who, need help and have no other alternative. My daughters 200 miles away she had her car fixed at Pep boys and we later found out that what they fixed was not necessary.

She is away from home alone and has no with her. When she came home we had anothe pepboys inspect it thats how we found out what was wrong was not what they fixed. And the work was not necessary.

There is about thirty cars in my family and we all used pep boys for inspections brakes and other major work. They dont have to woryy about myself or my family any longer.

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And let me add that I am a cheerleader for Pepslobs and I like to wear womens clothing.

Some Common Sense

the comment below this one was made by a childish *** with nothing else to do but follow me around like "spike" trying to hurt my feelings and/or my comments

well, i say to you



When my car runs badly, I first try to put liquid glass in the oil, then I trade it in and give some unsuspecting car dealer a bad name. Thats the deceptive Pepeboys way.


so... lets just say... for *** and giggles here... that they did just put a battery in... and lets say that didnt fix your problem, why? due to the fact that you where wrong of course, and that you really did need a $90 diagnosis...are you going to be upset? OF COURSE! and then you would be here again stating that the repair shop should have known better... cause they are mechanics! and you would want your money back for a battery that was replaced that you didnt need! but when in fact, it was YOUR MISTAKE!

YOU declined to have vehicle checked properly, YOU THOUGHT you knew what was wrong!

and this is fair to the repair shop for what reason?



My wife's car's battery died and rather than spend my time pulling it out (super corroded) and hauling it down to buy a new one, I had her call our insurance company's free tow service and take the car to Pep Boys.

She called them to have the battery replaced, and they promptly informed her that there would be a $89.99 engine inspection service done on the vehicle. When she called me and told me what they said, I quickly called them and told them that the battery needs to be replaced. That's all. Then they said that there was a $15 Charge and Start inspection that they could do instead, rather than charge $100 for a new battery and potentially not solve the problem.

Why is it that when my wife tells them she needs a new battery, they want $90 to find the "real" problem, but when I tell them the same thing, they change their tune?

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