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I am a Pep Boys employee and I see first hand the ways they rip off the customer. From telling you your rotors are bad when they dont even have the tool to measure the run out on the rotors, to telling you your shocks are bad, and when you ask why they tell you that there is a small leak in the reservoir.

But what they actually did was puncture *** in it with a nail. Also never get your alignment done at Pep boys, all they will give you is a toe and go, which means they dont do caster or camber just toe, which equates to you having to get new tires in about a year. I have seen the toe and go more times here they I have ever seen anywhere else and I have worked at two different pep boys and they all do it.

It actually sickens me to see this done. Someone please sue pep boys for this we have camera's out in the shops now and they keep camera data for 3 years , so if your tires go bad within a year contact pep boys support they have to show you the camera video, and if you see toe and go you can sue pep boys.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Can you help or guide me. My mother 74 and disabled has been a loyal customer of pep boys although the car always ended up right back there.

The day my stepfather went to pick up the car he paid the 1224.00 then they said they will bring the car around. The guy finally comes back and says it appears your car was stolen. Just so happened they parked it in an area where they say are no cameras. My mother then goes up there asking to be made whole.

They can say they did the work but who knows. She then asked for her key to which the cashier said what do you need the key for if you dont have the vehicle. After a while she comes back with a key that appears to beling to someone elses car. We filed a police report.

Heard nothing so my mother doesnt have her money or her car. I know this was an inside job. What can we do. This happened in bear delaware.

Now they keep hangi ng up on us.

Im so frustrated and angry. Someone help

to PossibleCrow153 #1671191

Contact a legal rep.They may not accept it if the car isnt very expensive. You can always file a claim at small claims court. This must be very stressful.


There web site for looking up parts is joke


Pepboys at Midlothian turnpike w has no order people walking around in shop drinking beer manager getting smart7 with customers nobody no's what they are doing manager has smart mouth always leaving service writer has no clue what to do


Went to PB as my car broke down in an unfamiliar area. They charged me $600 for a new alternator(tow truck said my alternator was bad.) 3 hours later I was on the road, and 20 minutes after that my car was dead.

Alternator was not hooked up.

Towed it back to Pep Boys, they have informed me I am on the hook for $400 because I "declined an inspection" which is BS. They didn't fix my car right, why should I pay for their mistake?


Just today Pep Boys to have a Tire replaced. I have aftermarket wheels with a removable center cap.

the cap is held on by first clipping one side and then bolting the one bolt in. The tech there did not clip on the one side and simply bolted the cap in place. this caused the bolt to go in at an angle. my wife drove it home and I noticed the cap was obviously offset.

when I tried to remove the bolt it was stripped from being forced in crooked. They ruined a brand new wheel the cap now will not tighten properly.

This is just laziness and I don't blame management but the piece of crap workers that get in a hurry and do shoddy work. Now I have to go an get into an argument about how they ruined my wheel, and no, the cap was perfectly fine before they replaced my tire.


On some cars you can't adjust the camber dip ***. What were you a lube tech?

Who poked *** in a tire? Can you provide names?

Can you prove anything you say? Which pep boys did you work at?


You're a piece of *** if you're not trying to fix the problem I am an ase-certified master technician with L1 that work for Pep Boys and I love my store and we don't *** any customers over if your customers are getting *** over and you're seeing it happen it's your fault my friend you are the problem not the person doing the job you should try to fix the problem that's what I do at my store to educate people better

to Anonymous #1406159

Pep boys does rip customers off every day and does not accept responsibility their answer to customer service take us to court

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1231522

U think that's bad!!! People check out the price of the part u get at the parts counter .....

then check out the price u pay if u get the part through the service desk...then have them explain the parts and labor warranty of it all if the part fails!!! What a total rip off!!!!!! Some high end *** thought of this!!!

The customer has no choice but to except this policy!!!! Don't take your car to this rip off facility!!!!

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1212933

I never knew a hydraulic shock absorber had a reservoir. How *** are you? I hope you never work on my truck.

Sylacauga, Alabama, United States #1210527

Well I'll say this about them. I took my car in for a new slave cylinder and clutch.

They put them in and when I got the car it was barely shifting. They told me I needed an adjustable master cylinder. So I bought one and they put it I for me. Then it started leaking, and the clutch started slipping after 4 days.

They assured me i had to "break in" the clutch and the leak was just from where they bled the lines. And that the jet black fluid coming from my car was just degreaser.. *** degreaser. A steady leak of degreaser?

I called their bosses boss and I am now getting all new parts and labor with no additional charge at with another mechanic. They told me my flywheel and clutch disc were burnt to ***. And that they messed up the rear transmission seal and that's why it was leaking. Moral of the story: Don't go to pep boys for anything other than new tires and mounting.

I can't believe I thought these "mechanics" could do anything other than brakes. With the exception of a hand full of techs that are with them of course.


Ihop serves pancakes alll day.

Chino Hills, California, United States #1154578

Emergency Numbers

Use your emergency contacts like a Pep Boys 911 to quickly get answers to urgent questions. Remember to check Alerts before using these contacts.

Emergencies should never be sent in Help Ticket or Feedback.

You have an urgent matter with supplies, service equipment, your building or grounds, call Property Management's facilities service center at 1-888-545-8532

You have a Human Resources issue that can't be resolved, call the Associate Services Line at 1-800-233-3312

If there is an IT-related failure at your location and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible, call the IT Help Desk at 215-430-9555 If you suspect theft or illegal activity at Pep Boys, call the Refuse2Lose/Integrity Pays hotline at 1-800-PEP-1213 (1-800-737-1213) If there is an emergency at your location, i.e. a fire, injury, accident, etc., call the crisis hotline at 1-800-542-8526 If a reporter or any media company should contact you for an interview or story of any kind, you must first call Media Relations at 215-430-9447, for approval prior to any interaction with the media.


Your car broke its timing belt and ruined your engine so let's lie blame else where you took your car in for a reason the heap had a broken timing belt they had to do it your heap was perfect but good luck on a law suit stupidity against corporate lawyers let us know

Reno, Nevada, United States #1094526

What a bitter employee I've worked at pepboys for almost 20 years and have never seen or witnessed anything like what he says they do,don't get me wrong pepboys sucks and the pay is terrible but don't make it sound like the techs are crooked and they do things to people's cars that's why they have cameras to catch employees like this guy from destroying your car.


I bought a Honda new, the dealer did 100% of the service work on it, there was not one mechanical fault when I gave it to my daughter.

She went to Pep Boys 4,000 miles later for an oil change and an inspection came up with $3200 of needed work, including $55.00 to change a burned out brake light bulb.

Can you smell the BS spewing from the service advisor from there? Perfect example of how to self-limit a business.


your a total incompetent human being and have no right to live. First of all not everyone does that.

I work at pep boys and most of the time the cars have no manufacture camber adjustments. If camber was off spec we will let the customer know that it needs after market camber bolts to adjust the camber back to spec. WHICH MEANS MORE LABOR AND MORE MONEYYY. most of time they say just do the toe.

If the car does have camber adjustments its a piece of cake ...

unless you get a piece of garbage rusty old van... which happens rarely.

to DoctorEd #1306288

Stop ur lying for company u probably just as crooked everybody can't be lying ***

to DoctorEd #1451828

Hey so I have a question? I have a 2014 Chevy Cruze 2lt rs.

I took it to pepboys to get the alignment done. They said the toe was out from lowering the car. They did the alignment. And my car is pulling worse than it was and a weird vibration when braking.

Everyone on cruzetalk is saying they didn't do the relearn on the steering sensor? And the tech mangled the dust boot on my rack and pinon.

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