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I went the Ontario Pep Boys and told them I needed a camber kit install and they told me that only one tire needed it. I assumed they had the professional experience to make that decision and I then agreed for that service.

I later noticed the car still veered to the left when driving, therefore took the car back for recheck and to apply the camber kit on the opposite side of the car. I left the car with them for 3 hours, hoping it would be done, but instead they left it outside and tried to sell me 4 new tires instead.

But they couldn't noticed that my tires were only a week old from a recent purchase. Do I have *** written on my forehead?

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Their shop can't align for ***. Went in there sometime ago to buy 4 tires and an alignment.

After 2 hours they tell me they can't align the car and to take it somewhere else. got the alignment done at a very good suspension shop recommended by the service writer. They tell me one of the new tires is out of round. Car still veered left or right where that particular bad tire was instaled during road test.

Alignment was perfect. Gave me a print out of the results. Brought it back to pepboys and showed them. They wouldn't replace the one tire after a day.

Said the suspension shop didn't do alignment right.

Who are they to say that when they can't even do the job. What a scam they're running.

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