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Don't do it. Don't make the sad mistake I did thinking Pep Boys will take good care of you.

On 5-11-10 I left my car with them for a whole day to do an engine diagnostic. I told them it was bogging, stalling, and the engine light was on. On 5-15-10 my engine failed. I asked the Assistant Manager Melissa how that could happen; she said "I don't know." When I told the Service Manager Paul what had happened he said nothing.

When I asked the Store Manager Brad how this could have happened he repeatedly kept saying, "I don't know." Are these the people you would trust to work on your car? I will never trust Pep Boys again.

Don't you or your family members visit give them any of your business.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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good question..did you get repairs recommended done? did you get a second opinion elsewhere? how long had the vehicle been bogging and stalling before it went into the shop?


how many miles did your engine have? what kind of failure was it?

what did their diagnostic find? engines fail all the time, for different reasons, a diagnostic checks for trouble codes in the computer and electronic systems, not engine wear.


So, did you get a diagnostic printout? What did it say? Did you follow up and have the repairs done?


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