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Today, my family was traveling to San Diego to visit the Wild Amnimal Park, when our car began to make a noise. We pulled off and looked under the hood to see a belt that was severely frayed. We knew it was going to break, so we called Triple A, and asked where we should go. It was Sunday. They told us to turn around and leave San Clemente and go to Aliso Viejo to Pep Boys. They mapped us to the location on Aliso Creek Road.

Once we made it there, we were relieved. Over the years, we have had a great number of car repairs at various Pep Boys. Of course, living in Huntington Beach, CA - we were unfamiliar with this particular store. The manager on duty of the service department - Michael - was the person who waited on us. After looking right through us for about 5 minutes, he asked if we needed help. We told him we were traveling and needed a belt replaced. What occurred next is really amazing.

He refused to help us. He said it would not be fair to the customers who made appointments for their repairs. He said it was 1:00pm on a Sunday, and they were not able to help. I asked if he realized we were traveling, and would be stranded. I told him Triple A had sent us. Not concerned at all, even while looking at our 10 and 8 year old girls with us - he just rudely refused.

I wonder if Michael might not be homophobic? A female couple and 2 young daughters flatly turned away? Not like the customer service of ANY Pep Boys we have ever been to. Perhaps a personal issue. A young service technician saw what was happening and actually walked outside with us to see if he could help us. He was willing to fix it if it was an easy fix. We drive a Mercedes, and it was not a quick fix. He pointed us to another location to try. This was a terrific employee. He told us Michael does not handle stress well. I asked who Michael's boss was, and learned I needed to contact Patrick.

The story ended well. Al, at the 76 Service Station not only stayed late to fix the belt - when we found it was not tightening correctly - he drove us all the way home, to be sure we were safe. We will return to Al's tomorrow to get the car. THAT is over and above. I don't expect their people to be that amazing - but a common courtesy and kindness, IS expected.

The store I visited was:

26881 Aliso Creek Rd

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Phone: (949) 362-9254

I am a manager in the MemorialCare Hospital System. It appalls me that someone like Michael is representing the Pep Boys Corporation. Perhaps he is too stressed, and might need to be relieved of such duties that cause him to turn away customers in need.

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va state police are not allowed to interfere with state inspections or demand a pass or fail. It is a civilian dmv complaint matter.


I just want to start with saying I love lesbians but saying you didn't get service because You are is ridiculous. Why would you expect to get bumped ahead of people who scheduled repairs, because you're traveling.

The mere idea of that is retarded. That would be the equivalent of me automatically getting to go to the front of the line at McDonald's because I'm fat.

If you really are that dumb you should just stay home in bed. I'll even video tape it for you as long as your hot lesbians and not manly dykes.



The words "Perhaps" and "Wonder if" were used by the original author of this story. She used them for a reason, because she wasn't sure.

She wondered cause she said; "The manager on duty of the service department - Michael - was the person who waited on us. After looking right through us for about 5 minutes..." And look at the evidence too. He wasn't friendly, offered no recommendations on where to go or what to do and didn't bother to double check with the Service Dept for any possible changes that may allow them to help them. ( And when I say changes I mean someone who may have called and said I changed my mind about the work your going to do on my vehicle or ....any possible reason that may open up a window of chance for them) Even if he checked 10 mins ago he could at least give em peace of mind by doing it (asking the service Dept.) in their presence.

I work part time for the GOVERNMENT analyzing people's writing for the purpose of getting a psychological profile on people. I hold several Master Degrees and I'm a teacher at Yale. What I got from their letter was NOT a message of attack by some "***" as your uneducated and probably women hating/beating self suggests. I read more of a message of someone who posted on here to see if others come forward with similar accusations and if so then maybe something will be done to correct the situation like his on-the-job retraining or disciplinary action. She did not come across like a "*** with a MB"

Also, where the *** do you get off suggesting that they shouldn't drive when auto repair shops are closed? Or how dare them use their paid AAA membership to seek help! Those are the most *** and ignorant things I have ever read. Surely your mother was at least sober long enough to tell you otherwise. I'm betting your father pumped gas for a living at at min. wage and hated anybody who asked for help and his daily gripes about work at the family dinner table eating microwave dinners influenced you too.

The responses I read to the author of this story worry me. They sounded very hateful and I worry that some poor woman will someday suffer dire consequences when crossing paths with them. Hopefully they will go back to school and get the education they so badly need and take some classes on Anger Issues and won't become another tax burden to the American people. The jails are already full of people of your nature. My prayers are with you.


working in a service dept no mater who u are or

qhen it is you dont kine jump *** or not benz or pinto


Just because you were not able to get your Benz serviced doesn't mean the Representative is homophobic. :cry That's like saying "Since I can't get my car worked on today, the person must think I'm ***, Muslim, have AIDS, ***, work in the *** industry, have a disability, I'm black, etc." Total BS to use the Homophobic excuse.


Just never ends - doesn't it?

2 Lezbos just using the homophobic Hate Crime scenario/excuse just to justify their own means again!

When will it ever end with these wacko's and their AGENDA?

On top of that they are driving a MB - on a Sunday no less - when not a one MB repair facility is open - no doubt! Go figure huh? And then on top of everything else they use their AAA service to try and find the "cheapest" repair facility no doubt! Not that PepBoy's is the cheapest by any means - myself having bought lifetime parts from them for well over 30 years now, but I do love their lifetime warranty on most everything they sell there, and I never had a problem getting NEW parts totally FREE!

They are competitive I will say that much, and they will match prices with any other legitimate auto parts store - within reason - all MB repair price issues aside that is - as we all know MB charges well upwards to $145/hr for labor on some of their repairs - with parts costing up the butt as well. Price you pay for driving for driving a "rich *** car" I guess - you think?

Better still - they think everyone has to kiss their "RICH *** feet just because they have a MB! I can just imagine on how demanding they were to this poor Service Mngr guy named Michael. Of course they won't tell you that in their supposed complaint here! All *** & homophobe issues aside here - as it clearly appears that the real underlying issue here is just more pure *** AGENDA issues being pushed on the general public as usual!

Always is the case with these retarded homosexuals that have to hide behind even more "Special Interests" laws and bills they just keep demanding that be passed by more wasted taxpayer dollars protecting their lewd, perverted, and disgusting lifestyle as it were! Was that CLEAR enough? Want me to explain it again? Be more then happy to!

To call this Michael guy at Pepboys a homophobe is about as lame as you using the "H" card!! Just shows how pathetic a person you yourselves really are!!

There's PATHETIC and then there is MORE PATHETIC!

Just too *** bad that Pepboys had to be used as a patsy this time! I wonder who they will use the "H" card on next?


hi,i had a run in with pepboys on sunday to.I drop off my car to get it inspection .they tryed to fail me on a state inspection.I call the va state police on them .The va state police called pepboys and make them pass me.

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