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Had s.u.v towed to pep boys oct.25 2013 pep boys mechanics was driveing the vehicle in and out of garage for bout a week and a half haven't sayed anything bout car missing, smokeing ,funny sounds coming from engine .once the mechanic start to take car apart then they call an notified me my timing belt was warn it was bout time for a new one their words were may as well change the belt also we have to take it off in order to get to water pump next thing I know they're calling me saying they can't get compression to get car to crank know they want to do a leak down test which they say resulted in air leaking to the next value really .so now they can't fix it I call corp. Make complaints store manager refused to make claim his words were they will deny it!

My car has been at Pep boys for three months before claim adjuster sent me a letter say they aren't responsible.to get a response in a letter that's no way to treat a customer.

I will never ever step foot in their corporation again!

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My water pump failed and instead of pulling over immediately, I kept driving and severely overheated the engine until the SUV would no longer move.

I then had it towed to Pep Boys. Once cooled down, it would start again but smoked, missed and had strange sounds emanating from the engine.

I expected a water pump to cure my problems but it didn't.

Now I would like Pep Boys to pay for a complete rebuild of the engine that I overheated and destroyed! :cry

to Ricochet-Rabbit #883750

You are my new Hero.

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