Los Angeles, California

4 years ago car broke down in Upland, Ca. Had it towed to Pep Boys there.

Starter was bad and they installed lifetime warranty starter, took less than 1 hr.

Yesterday starter went out again (4 yrs. later) had car brought down to Pep Boys in Redlands,Ca. They honored the warranty but I had to pay for labor. I told them it was 1 hr.

or less labor and showed prior receipt.They said they needed 3 hr. to fix. I watched them and took less than 1 hr.

They billed me 3 hr. @ $95.00 DISHONEST COMPANY(EMPLOYEES)

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Would you like to get paid half because you are good at your job? thats how mechanics get paid by doing the job fast. if a starter book time was 3 hours and it took the mechanic 6 hours of his time you cry that you need to pay 600 bucks cuz the mechanic doesnt know what he is doing?


You people always complain about fast service the Techs that work on your cars have to pay for expensive schoooling and tools to fix your cars and they are paid what teh MItchell Labor Guide says If it takes 50 Minutes for a 2 hour job to be done be happy and be glad that you did not take it to the dealer whos flat rate is usully double the rate pep boys charges and they keep your car for days


Listen to all you people cutting down pepboys I have been at a good location for about 10 monthes and we have 1of the best service departments around.Our customer base is awesome and customer complaints are to a minimum.The only one who complain in my eyes are the ones who want somethin for nothing..well guess what folks in this world you get what you pay for.So get off pepboys they are an awesome company to work for.


Pepboys mechanics good????

Stop drinking you deluded loser.


8) they go by a mitchell labor guide just like all the other car shops go by. so your madd that the employees at pepboys are that dam good and got your car done that fast?

well I guess u can take your car to one of those other car shops that takes the employee that long to fix it and sit in the waiting room for three hours and then im shure will see u back on here. lol just grow up please

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