Las Vegas, Nevada
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I live about 6 blocks from Pep Boys. wife handicapped, can't drive.

Pep Boys have given me a ride last year no problem. Van done at 3:00 pm, excused, will be there in about one hour, guy at lunch will be there soon, etc. Finally at 6:15 pm Service mgr showed up with my van, which I drove back to their shop. Auto Svc mgr said we don't provide that service.

I said, I called in yesterday talked to mathew, he said no problem. Tom wrote up the brake job this morning at 8:00 am, will have some one pick you up as soon as the van is done. Gerid, we will be right there. George the service manager said we don't provide that service.

I said then tell your employees and stop jerking me around. A little honesty would have gone a long way, you lied me me all day.Got to Pep Boys service mgr tried to give me a Pep Boy credit card app. I said don't bother, I won't be back.

I am sure Big O tires, or lots of other auto store will be happy to have my business. got my keys and left.

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I am so sorry to hear about your experience. Pep boys does not usually provide a shuttle ride home, however, any good Pep Boys employee would find a way to keep you happy.

I wasn't there but seems this manager needs alittle more training. ITS NOT ALL OF US!

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