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On 05/13/12 mI had my car toaded to Pepboys in Petersburg, Viginia. I was told at that time that the fuel pump was gone n i needed a new one.

So I purcashed one to the tune of $90.and change. The tech or mercanic (which ever) did not tell that the hoses and gaskets needed to be replaced ; even through I was there he simply put the old cracked up gasket back on and cut back what he throught was the soft part of the hose. Assistant Manager Christopher custer said that my car had been fixed. I paid him $344.25 and left.

I got about twelve blockes stoped for gas all the gas is running on the ground; car wont start again. Have to be towed for the second time in one day. Call monday I told that the fuel pump is defective, still no one saying anything about gaskets and hoses. Get car back gas still running from under the car..

I told to bring the car back now I need a hose that's that the tried too save me money.. If it needs fixing fix it. This time I get the car beack Ihave so much gas fumeson the inside of my car I'm afraid to smoke in my own car, I'm getting drowsey behind the wheel ,I.ve got to put my window to keep from fall asleep. I call back I'm like look I brought my car in here to be fixed.

I,ve never had to take my car back four or five time for them to fix it properly. not even back in the day when I uised street mercanic. Christopher said I would have to dell with henry Michalak. I waited for him.One of his people was having a problem with another cusumer's car.

Henery wanted to know why it was such a problem.. The employee responeded that the female cusumer was driving 2000 miles across country. Henery wanted to know how was that Prpboys problem , His final words were fix it the way I told you and get her out of here. What happens on the road is her problem.

Then Back to me Now you want to tell me all my gaskets are crack. Well didn.t you see that went you kept switching theses gasketsbackand forth.

Looking forward to your respond. ywak

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Part Replacement.

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I would like to say if you are smelling gas in side your vehicle there is a bigger problem as for replacing a fuel pump if there are parts that need to be replace they should of been done that day as for the fuel pump being bad there is a slight chance but then it sounds to me like vapor lock but can not say for sure,

as everyone knows that pepboys is not a place i would recommend to anyone for the simple fact that there so called techs are not trained in the proper procedures like this as i am a A S E level #2 tech with over 30 plus yrs and i would not let a vehicle leave like you have described or any reputable shop for that matter so what i suggest that you do is have the inside of your vehicle professional clean and under the hood and body after someone addresses the leaks and if they fail go to your states D M V and file a complaint and they ether fine them or pull the garage # till they fix and adress there problems.

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