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Refer to service work order #2088426 - Store ID 0866

I took vehicle in on 11/13/2011. I explained the problem - they test drove the vehicle and replaced the struts and tie-rod. The vehicle continued to make the same noise. I finally took the vehicle to a mechanic on 3/30/2012 and he fixed the problem. He replaced the hub assembly on both front wheels.

He also noticed the shocks were defective - both did not have coimpression at all. The work was done by PepBoys in Hemet, Ca. I work in Yucaipa which is also where the mechanic is located. I called your Yucaipa store to see if they would fix the problem. I was told I did not buy an extended warranty and therefore all they could do is replace the shocks, but would have to charge $80-$90 per side labor. The mechanic already had everything apart - so I had the mechanic go to the Yucaipa Store to pick up the

replacement shocks and he would install. He spoke with Victor Hernandez (Manager) They did not have the shocks in inventory. I ended up purchasing shocks from another store - O Reilly Auto Parts - which I paid $127.71 for the 2 shocks.

I made that decision to have the mechanic do the replacement because the vehicle was completely torn apart on the front end and the labor was almost nothing for him to install since he had it apart anyway.

I do not feel PepBoys did an adequate job of evaluating what the problem was to begin with - they did not find the problem I was complaining about when I initially took it to them 11/13/2011 - the shocks were not the problem! - it was the hub assembly parts that needed to be replaced. And the shocks they replaced were defective. I have the shocks that were defective in my possession waiting to hear back from you and what you can do to correct what has transpired. I have been a customer of Pep Boys for 35 years and never had a problem until now. What can be done to compensate me for the mess?

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I would call the corporate number, ask for Terry Winslow or Bert Andrade- I believe they are still corporate service managers, also call the store and dial 7- you will automatically get transferred to the store manager


Need to hear from Pep Boys for resolution.

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