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I went to pepboys with a squeeky front end..they said 878.00 and I only had 400. so they said they could do half and do the rest later..I called 4 days ago to get the estamate on the rest of work. Talked to Clint he said he would have to return my call..never did,,and my front end is as squekky as it was when i took it in and I owuld bet they greased it and when the greased was gone the very bad squeek is back,,so I do not know what to do next,,live in tallahassee, and know of no place to take my truck that will work on it..I know there is places but I know of none..guess being a female pep boys theought they could take advantage..

Monetary Loss: $378.

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Sonnie I done *** u reelly good. greezed er up reel good an sent er doun da road wit yu, anoder happy but DUM custumor got me a hire at PB ta sweeping ups the mess's and 2 weks later was madeed me a full profeshonal :upset car fixer

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