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I hired Pep Boys to replace the front end struts on my Honda Odyseey. When I took the Van in for work it was not making any front end noise.

After the repair a grinding noise came from both front end struts. I took it back and they worked on it and charged me another 50 dollars. The originial cost was 700 dollars. Again the grinding noise was present after another day of work on it.

It was obvious that the Pep Boy Mechanics did not know what they were doing.

Today I took the Van to the Honda Dealer. The Pep Boy struts had to be replace and the casing as well because they did not put back all the parts.

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I wouldn't necessarily assume Pep Boys was at fault, though they might be. 8 years ago I had Monroe Sensatrac struts installed on my car--one of them was defective, dead out of the box.

I put in KYB's and no trouble. Just replaced them with Monroe Quick-Struts, and guess what? Both defective.

They both make a loud, persistent screeching noise every time the wheel is turned. I'll never buy another Monroe product, in my opinion, they make junk.


and to just add in there...

the "casing?"

what casing? a strut has its OWN casing!

unless you have strut cartridges, which a honda odyssey does NOT!

seems like the "dealer" may have got you also!

but yes, valid complaint!


I love the above *** that responds to every valid complaint here.He is a PeP Boys Mgr.!! Go figure lmfao.....


Just a FYI

Monroe struts suck and monroe sensatrac struts and mounts on the 00-05 odyssey are bad quality and not made to conform properly hence the noise

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