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Pep Boys, PCH, Long Beach, advised my car's front rotors did not meet factory specifications and could not be turned/resurfaced. Instead they recommended new rotors at the exhorbitant sum over $330 - parts only; wheel balance on all 4 tires; bronze front ceramic brake service; brake fluid exchange. All of the above came to over $620. The car has newer tires and the wheels were balance less than 2 months ago. It has been driven less that 500 miles since then.

I took the vehicle to another national chain and they resurfaced the rotors, advised that we would probably get another resurface out of them and charged me a total less than $100.

Shame on Pep Boys. We used to give them a fair amount of business. Not anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Vehicle Inspection.

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Pepboys was playing it safe. they looked at all of the possibilities.

i would have offered the same thing.

and thats cheap price wise. my focus for that same work amount costs over 2 grand....

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