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Tried to return two unopened Fram oil filters which I had bought to keep as spares. Sold the car(Jetta) for which it was bought; now have a Honda Accord.

The filters cannot fit a Honda. Could not find the receipt. One of the sales clerks suggested I sell them at a community yard sale. Store manager told me unless I had the receipt or was a member of some program I could not get a refund, not even a store credit.

Know something?

I will buy my stuff from Wal Mart in the future; best return policy. Pep Boys sucks.

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People come into the store, buy tools they need to do a job and then when they are done, they return it saying " this is NOT QUITE what I wanted ".......and get a refund.... if refunds are made without asking questions or receipts ....

it is an EASY WAY for thieves to make quick money ...... and it adds up to stealing and increases cost of operation you think everyone is straight ?.......and do you think crooks come into the store with signs on their foreheads that say " Thief ".....??


Without a receipt, how in the world do you think they would know you bought them there?

Don't say they should just trust you, people lie to them every day.

to ransom Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1050327

People come into the store in baggy clothes and steal things and then want to return it for CASH .... thieves have a story EVERY TIME ..... this is happening far too often and SLACK return policies like Walmart's makes things worse

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