Cleveland, Ohio
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I had my car oil changed at pepboys store#0264 work order#2120700. Today i noticed oil on my driveway where i park.

I took my car to another autopart store to have the oil leakage checked,,,well the problem was....the tech at pepboys forgot to put the oil cap back on after my oil change, my car had no oil. the autopart store had to fill 3 1/2 quarts of oil into my car,,,,i was lucky i noticed oil on my driveway just in time before my engine was gone due to no whole engine under the hood is covered in oil....I will never go to pepboys again..

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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I don't suppose you could have checked yourself? I always have changed my own oil and filter except for one car my wife owned.

I was not too sure the floor jack I use would be secure enough given the layout of the frame on that car so I always went to one of the fast oil change places, bit the bullet and paid them to change the oil and filter. However, I always checked the engine after they did it. Once I found the filter too loose and another time they also forgot to put the filler cap back on. Another time I found a very nice, long screwdriver under the hood someone had forgotten to take.

With the caliber of people working at these places, what can you expect?

Most of them have a hard time remembering to tie their shoes in the morning. It's the old adage: trust, but verify.

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