Monroe, Louisiana
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PB's has done my routine oil changes for some time. Never watched the service performed (but I will now). Last visit asked my manual transmission fluid be checked, as I had before. It was a quart low, and was advised they didn't have the right kind to put in. (so how had it been topped before?)

In another car, I knew the p/s fluid was low. AFter the service, it was still low. Had to point out the issue.

No damage, but I finally have reached the point of having no trust in their service, but assume others are as bad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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Fluids don't just go low in between oil changes,the fluid has to go somewhere.It seems that you are assuming that it must have been low all the other oil changes when in fact it may not have been and the level had been checked.If it had been low all the other times then it had to have been leaking all this time.There is no other place for it to go other than leak out.Unlike an engine the transmission cannot burn the oil.So if it had been leaking all this time it is most likely that you would have noticed a leak by now in order to claim that they never checked it.Manual transmissions do not have a dipstick to gauge the level,they have a plug on the side that is removed and fluid is pumped in till it flows back out.Judging how low it is is allmost impossible without filling it and seeing how much is used to fill it.The quart low that you were told could have only have been a guess,it may in fact only be a pint low.Power steering fluid as with all fluids expands and contracts with heat,this is why automatic transmissions and some power steering have have a cold and hot level.So a power steering fluid level may show low when checked cold will show more full when hot and not warrant topping off.So before you ruin what might be a good relationship with this shop confirm your concerns first.Remember most shops will take care of long time customers with pricing and items that may be out of warranty or not covered.Do you really want to start over with a new shop that may turn out to be worse.

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