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I went to Pep Boys ( Abilene, Texas ) to have a flat tire fixed . Upon looking at the spare.

I purchased a new tire . I watched the mechanic open my car door and he did something under the dash. I told him he didn't need to do anything under the dash . So he preceeded to put the tire on and I had it balanced .

I paid out and left the store . Now , my car will go 40mph tops.What the mechanic has done I donot know. I was there about 2 hours for this disaster. Also, Another man was there for an oil change he had been there for over 2 hours.

A woman came in she had a new computerized car, Her car was reading low tires. She asked the man to check her tires . He told her that he didn't know how to check her tires but he could put some air in it.

( Makes you enjoy taking your business to the professionals , Right ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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