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OK so, my son goes to get his car inspected at the Pep Boys on S. Millvale Avenue in Pittsburgh, Pa and after they "look" at it the car basically needed redone from front to back. A year earlier the car passed with no issues so I found that odd. I really got fist palmed when they quoted a price of $1100! The car is worth $400 which I know is immaterial but even I know that sum of money is ridiculous. The car needed blinkers, brakes, calipers , tires and the list went on. I knew they were being dishonest because some of the things they mentioned had been recently updated or were already in perfect working order.

We took the car someplace else and DRUMROLL. It cost $52 bucks. Yes $52.

Moral of the story: unless you want your pockets emptied I'd go someplace else. Find someone you can trust. Pep Boys was a real disappointment. You have to watch out for yourself and realize these guys are one of the biggest rip-off artists of all time.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

I didn't like: Lie about the work needed, Attempt to overcharge, Dishonesty.

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Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States #927020

I meant face palmed. Good grief !

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