Reston, Virginia

Pepboys fired one of thier best manager on june 3 2008 who work at the forest park location// I will never shop thier again and advise every one else to do the same,he was of the most helpful and honest manager they had he tried to solve every one problem,he was a good leader,if any one know where he has is please post so I can carry my autobile there,pepboys is going to rip people customer off and show no concern,I hope that they get what is coming to them in the long run.So as a customer don't go there

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he was fired for stealing from the company. and not the customers like he was supposed to do.the person crying about the firing is his wife so sorry she cant spend all the money he was stealing for her to live high on the hog.

Kirkville, New York, United States #22453

This guy got fired because of THEFT. What is the problem with you people.

Scam artists and Managers who steal get fired! Simple as that.

Hawley, Pennsylvania, United States #18288

i got fired from pep boy`s for being honest. the manager was most likly not willing to rip off the customers

North Springfield, Vermont, United States #15688

My question is....Why was he fired? If you don't know the circumstances, then why should we believe he didn't deserve it.

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #15678

What was the address of the store? Or at least city, state and zip?

Do you know the store number? It would be on one of your reciepts?

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