Bellevue, Washington

Pressured me to not attending my Guard Weekends for the military and tried to demote me if I went on the weekend training I am obligated or do. Treated me poorly and continued to o reassure me to get out of the Military Reserves and if I didn't it would be a detriment to the com pant and m t future management also gave me horrible hours and treated me poir K y and I felt pressured to get out of the military guard and reserve. For a big company this I s pretty sad that they are ab Le to abuse and pressure members of the armed forces wh o are trying to protect the freedom they all have because of our Army and Navy and Air Force and Marines and Coast Guard.

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Samson, Alabama, United States #808463

They treat all their employees like *** The techs sometime bring home 300 for two weeks work...ha *** this needs to stop.....I support any military person fully and employees should be treated like human beings but this company does not care at all.


Is this illegal?I thought it is.Call a lawyer and sue them.Let the media know about it.Thank you for your service.


terrible and you should do what ever you have to do to expose this. I believe that if it goes viral they will suddenly have a change of heart and blame it on the PEP BOYS you were working at I am sure they will suggest it is not A COMPANY WIDE ISSUE. report and record your conversation Alert Line (1-800-PEP-1213) to report (in confidence, if you wish)

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #790787

Call the local news channels and papers and the ESGR Employee Support for the Guard and Reserve. PEP boys is known for firing an Employees in the Army pons.

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