Reston, Virginia
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I was mistreated by the store manager, Hubert, at the Hicksville Pepboys. I purchased an Energizer battery in October 2007.

The battery is defective and under warranty. The manager Hubert is insisting that I pay for a core charge. I gave them the original core back in October. This makes no sense.

His conduct and the way he spoke to me is the worst I have ever been treated at a store. My family and friends will never shop at Pepboys again This manager should be reprimanded for his conduct. I have sent an e-mail to Pepboys but I really doubt they care.

Energizer should be informed that Pepboys is not honoring their manufacturers warranty.

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Pierre, South Dakota, United States #8878

did you request the defective battery back? that could be why they would tack on a core charge.

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