Needed struts for my car so did an online search. Monroe Sensatracs, average price online about $75 each.

Decided to go to Pep Boys since they are local and want to support local businesses. Counter person quoted $174 each! I asked if there was some mistake, he said no, he showed me the screen display and they are in stock. I told him NO THANKS and ordered online, no shipping, no tax.

Feel sorry for the poor customers driving in to have them installed, What a Rip. Please, please for your sake and the sake of your less informed friends, check prices before you have work done by these ripoff artists.

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Do you realize tool bag, that almost EVERYTHING on line is cheaper? There is little or no overhead.

Plus when you order it on line you can't get the help with questions you may have because you are calling a call center in New Delhi. You are the kind of person that doesn't think they have to have their tires balanced then come back and *** that they tires you just bought are defective.


What you don't relize is they gave you a price on hat is called a "quick strut" I comes with coil springs, mounts, and the strut. What you ordered online was just the strut.

If you were to buy all these part individually you would be somewhere around $250. So you price is in line. Did you ask them for a different strut?

Did you talk to a manager to help you out. Or are just going to complain online everytime you feel slighted?

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