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I purchased 4 tires from Pep Boys in Garner, NC. The next morning I got up (at 0200am) to go to work and I had a FLAT tire!

I had to change the tire using my OEM jack & lug wrench while I was in uniform! Later that day, I called the store and got the usual *** from the service manager until I told him that he IS replacing the tire. They replaced the tire. The removed tire had been "dry beaded" (not lubricated during mounting-I know what happened, I sold tires for 20 years) and the bead leaked.

I called their corporate "customer relations" line four times (I wanted to be reimbursed 1/2 of what a tow service would have gotten to install the spare) and I never got a return call. Each time I called, I was promised a return call within 48 hours. On my last call, their Customer relations" operator (Lauren) stated that the "vice president" had decided I was getting nothing. And the resolution was having the tire replaced!

I asked her for the name and contact information for their customer relations director and she said that all she could tell me was that the director's name was "Erica" and that she could not give me "Erica's" contact information, telephone number or last name. What a bunch of low-lifes, hiding behind a telephone operator.

This was my third and LAST set of Pep Boys tires. The products may be decent, but the service is unprofessional and they have NO ETHICS.

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I have had tire problems with them as well. Four months ago I had them change a tire that had a bubble in it and within an hour it was flat.

I got it back to them and they said the TPMS sensor was broke. It wasnt broke before they changed the tire. The part is not covered under my warranty because the dealer says Pep Boys broke the part replacing the tire. Pep Boys says it isnt their fault but agreed to splitting the cost off the part and giving me free labor.

Got my car back today and wouldnt you know it, but the tire is now leaking again!!!!

So frustrated. Hopefully this get resolved on Monday :\.


Red, Apparently you didn't get the point. Pep Boys' negligence resulted in my having to change a 12 hour old flat tire at 2 AM!

I bought the tires to go on a trip, it is only luck that I was not leaving for two days or I would have gotten a flat on the road. They were obligated to replace the tire. ETHICS would have called for a Pep Boys representative to CALL me and ask for my take or at least apologize.

I have 25+ years of retail experience and I'm pretty familiar with customer service. PEP BOYS HAS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!


so they replaced the tire for you what more you want.Sounds like they fixed the problem.


They have your money. They don't care after that.

They are under pressure to sell, sell sell to get comissions. No use complaining to corporate. Can't talk to anybody there.

They also don't care. They have your money.


i am dealing with them now and am so disappointed in the fact that they act like they don't care at all that they are at fault and are treating me like i'm putting them out. While repairing my car THEY broke another part, which now i have had to wait 2 more days and when i call they blow be off!!!!!

i am beyond furious...if they just acted like they cared it might help but, i guess it's my fault the part broke!!!!!! grrrrrrr

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