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I walked into my local Pep Boys for a simple oil change, $29.95 for a complete oil change, that not bad. A drive to the city on a Saturday and 33 miles later, my engine starts to "choke", a few seconds after, the car shuts off!!

I park the car, open the hood and guess what? The oil cap was sitting on the engine! What a rookie move, my engine was finished. By the time I get in contact with the manager, which was around 6:50 pm that evening, he advised my to call one of their tow trucks and have it dropped off @ the nearest Pep Boys, which is 7 miles from the local auto shop where I had it looked at. I called and was told that the estimated time of arrival was 1 hour and 30 minutes or more and Pep Boys closes @ 8pm.

Now I had to leave the car in the local shop which ran me about $110 dollars for storage fees for just 2 days!! I called them again, 2 days later and had the car towed to the Pep Boys in the Bronx. The tow was free of charge and so far I am waiting for this issue to be resolved and hopefully get my car fix in a timely matter.

I trusted the Pep Boys to change my oil and look what it got me!!

I am now waiting for the claim to be process, I will keep you posted

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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your story doesn't add up, why don't you tell us the truth and not how you're trying to scam them


If the oil cap was left off and oil was spewing on the exhaust manifold, there would be so much smoke after a about a half a quart spilled on it that you would not be able to see out the windshield. No way enough oil leaked to cause an engine problem without you knowing something was very wrong long before seizure.


Your story does not add up. I hope u assume better responsibility in keeping up with you records next time.

Consumers are ultimately responsible for minting their own vehicles.

This includes asking questions about what they are paying for and asking to see work approved by them and completed by the shop. Just ask, if they have nothing to hide, they'll gladly show u.


If you read the complaint, he said the other local shop charged him the fees not pep boys.


Besides if u drove 33 miles the oil cap would've fallen off. Strange claim.


Pep boys is growing and isn't going anywhere in 2012. There is a 7 day period after completion or declined estimate of repairs, then storage fees "can" be added.

If you freak out on people they can't help u. If u work with them they will. All stores have cameras too. No mechanical repair shop will assume any liability if the vehicle is not taken back to them.

Future reference anytime you have work done and a failure occurs, call that store or shop right away and avoid all that. Small shops love to set up places like pep boys so how would u feel if it was your business?

And no that is not the case with an oil cap being left off. It just makes a huge mess, but I have seen a dodge 1500 5.7L drive without one for 3 months and was only a half a quart low.


Pep Boyz ha ha should never ever charge storage fees, I worked at a store and we never did, go after that money they owe it back to you. They have and will screw anyone they can.They have had employees cars DEAD in the lot for months, push um in push um back out NO FEE at all.

Pep Boyz suck pass it on and by 2012 they should be HISTORY Lovin every minute of it too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOBSTER MAN



Now another PepBoys Store "checked" the car and found "nothing" wrong with the engine. I have previously taken the car to another independent shop and they found that the crank shaft is damaged along with the timing chain among other things. A estimate of $2,600 dollars in parts and labor. I also took the receipt for the storage fees that for claim. They come up with this ridiculous tactic of claiming that the receipt is not valid because is not one of those long, printed receipt that people get in their store.

Pep Boys is way out of hand, they are very irresponsible and even worst with liability. I will give them the benefit of the doubt, lets see if they could make this right, which I doubt right now. If not, then I will see you guys in court.


what a *** move. Never take your car to Pepboys, they are the bottom feeders of the automotive industry.

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