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I got an oil change on my 2000 BMW 3 series 5 days ago. I have driven about 45 miles since, as I was turning a corner, I heard a high pitched squeeling sound, I figured it must have been another car seeing as how I had just gotten everything "Checked out" under the hood according to Pep Boys standards.

I proceeded up the block when I see smoke starting to pour out form under the hood. Next thing you know, coolant is everywhere and my car looks like a Hollywood prop. They tell me to have the car towed in so they can check it out. THey quote me at $1,300 for the repairs.

When I get there the following day, my hood is wide open on the lot with parts hanging out all over the engine.

Hindsight being 20/20 I think that they had me tow it back there so they could cover their butts and any evidence of mistake.

I'm going to report them to the corporate office and have them rebuild my engine for free.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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Well Ryan, if the engine is devoid of oil from a loose oil filter (bad gasket on filter) or loose oil plug. The engine will spin a crankshaft or rod bearing.

Depending upon the rpm (engine speed) the connecting rod can and will break loose from the crank and rupture the engine block. A the cylinders of the engine is surrounded by water jackets that keep it cool.

Hence water cooled engine. Vmqvue




how is doing an oil change have any relation to your cooling system? if u blew the water pump or something like that, it would be impossible for someone to know it was on its way out.

being a mechanic i get so sick of people blaming us for broken parts on their car that we did not do any work on.

like my all time favorite:"all i know is you guys did a tire rotation and now my check engine light is on". oh yea that makes perfect sense its definatley our fault!


Never trust something like a BMW to a place like Pep Boys. That was not very smart, man.

If that car is 'your baby', you should have known better. I'd never let those yucks mess w/my 325.

By the way, even the BMW dealers can goof. I had Brecht in Escondido replace my fuel pump.

A few days after picking it up, it died. Fuel was pooled under the car. The 'mechanic' had neglected to tighten the hose clamp on the fuel line at the fuel pump. GO FIGURE!

I do as much work as I can do.

I trust no one. It's sad, really.


Pepboys service advisor..hmmmm someone is getting defensive..anywho on with it.

"We get tired of getting blamed for something that wasn't our fault, because the owner(s) of the vehicle neglect to mauntain their vehicles and then blame us when things go wrong."

me: The language used seems like that of a 10 year old boy that got blamed for breaking a window with a baseball. Also going onto the fact that this particular individual is defending a company in which they know nothing of the situation. Its honestly the sadest thing ever that "maintain" couldn't be spelt properly either. Pep Boys needs a real mature representative, not a one that doesnt know there you know what from..well you know what i mean. In all fairness reguarding the situation. It couldnt have been there fault or it couldn't have. The point i'm trying to make i guess is that you shouldn't shoot first and then ask questions later: do some research and go to certified centers (in this case it should have been a bmw service center. Just my input.



Thanks Mike.

I was just venting, my mechanic explained it to me.


obviously, you don't really know much about cars.

inspected, rebuilt, or retarded, a car or any element of it, can go at any time. Brand new or 20yrs old. as far as the cooling/lubrication systems, they work hand in hand, but totally separate. Could have been a cheap thermostat, blown head gasket, many things.

i'm sure by now you realize that your not getting your motor rebuilt for free. Don't be so naive


pepboys service advisor, i think you don't know *** about cars. what does oil change have to do with the coolant system when an engine blows up?

are you serious? and by the way, i agree to the one who complained about "your staff are rude". whether it be in your stores or on the phone.

theregman, you've been screwed by them pepboys real bad... call BBB!!!


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I'm sure you do.


I like schlongs.


and $1,300 was the quoted price, no need to lie about anything.


I have taken care of everything on this car since I have owned it.

I have had scheduled maintenance and then some, it is my baby.

I had a new water pump, belts and everything replaced a year ago at a BMW certified shop. Somehow 2 days after the oil change and engine inspection, everything goes haywire.

It sucks being away from your mechanics and trusting your car to anyone. I find it very hard to believe that this was unavoidable had they done a proper inspection of the vehicle.

to theregman #954206

Same thing happened to my car. I got an oil change at pep boys and 10 days later my engine blew.

My mechanic said there was no oil and no signs of leaks and the cap was on tight. Still in the process of seeing what they're going to do about my car!


since when is it normal for a 10 year old car motor to blow up? How did you become a master tech?


What does an oil change have to do with the coolant system? These are two completely different systems.

Besides oil changes, what other regular maintenance has been peformed on the vehicle? If no other maintenance has been done it is no surprise the engine blew up.

We get tired of getting blamed for something that wasn't our fault, because the owner(s) of the vehicle neglect to mauntain their vehicles and then blame us when things go wrong. Its called maintenance for a reason.


10 year old car, engine blowing up is normal. this complaint is a lie, 1,300 for repair yea right try 3000 to 5000 to fix this engine

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