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I dropped my car off at 10am one morning. They were suppose to find out the problem and then contact me to say what they had to fix along with a price.

They finally called me to pick up my car and that it was fixed, 170$. Just from driving from the store to my mothers house my car over heated so bad it was shooting out fluids from under/ over the car!

Now they say I blew a head gasket that it's my fault and I'm responsible for the repairs! 3-4 thousand $'s!! That's ***!!!!

Monetary Loss: $3.

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not one time do you say what your original problem was. not once to you mention what repair was done. not once do you tell what was recommended to repair... but you only chose to repair $170 worth...

what kind of complaint is this?


Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #76625

have read alot of thes now and it seems like the pep boys mngmt and employees are very angry i guess getting mad is the onle defense they have


Hey vin G.

Are you a mechanic or just someone who likes to go to a website that downgrades companys and act like you've been there before.People like you are what keep this world revolving.Think you know it all and come to find out don't know a *** thing.Go back to school and then find a company like Pep boys get a career started then you will have that right to downgrade a big corporation.


It seems like you guys don't know much about car!


I have never seen a blown head gasket shoot water under the hood (40 yrs). Have it checked by a real mechanic.

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