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I took my car to get the Front Rotors Machined because the front wheels would shake when I put the brakes on the front rotors had never been machined all rotors on my car was put on there at the same time in March 2007. I told Pep Boys to machine the front rotors only because that was all I needed done after 1 hour and 30 minutes they told me that my car was ready and that the rear rotors were machined, I told them that it was the front rotors not the rear that I ask to be done the person waiting on me said that it was there fault and they would get it right.

Then they came back and said that the mechanic said that the front rotors couldn't be machined because they were too thin and that I needed new front rotors I new when they said that the rotors had never been machined so I told them just to put it back like it was and I went to Auto Zone to buy two new rotors. I went to see the Pep Boys manager and got a full refund went to Duty Tires which I trust had them install the two new rotors and check the old for me they double checked the old rotors and there was nothing wrong with them they could had been Machined so that means that Pep Boys lied to me about the Rotors.

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The specs are almost always stamped on the brake rotor itself.


I took my rotors to Duty Tires and they have done work on my car for years they are good people and know what they are doing they do ot lie to people. They double checked they double checked the rotors specs ad they were fine also I took the rotors to Loop Road Auto Parts which deals in car auto parts they also checked the specs on the rotors before they ground them and they were fine.

The reason Pep Boys told me that I needed new rotors was because they made a mistake grinding the wrong rotors and they new that they weren't going to get anymore money to grind down the front rotors. Don't trust Pep Boys.


You went to a tire place to have rotors installed? There clould be nothing wrong with your rotors but they might be under spec which means a real shop can not cut them. I've work for a tire place before and they usually do not have access to rotor specs so you may have put your family in danger to save time a some money

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