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Upper management sits in management development classes listening to lower members of management complaining about store managers and believe everything that they say. I don't think they are aware but one of the managers they feel is an up and comer who is responsible for damaging an area director, store and service mangers career was fired from their previous position with auto zone for having a physical confrontation with an associate while on drugs.They do not take the time to get to know the managers nor do they consider what a new manager might have walked into taking over a store.

They only look at how polished a store is when the area director has had weeks to prepare for a visit and goes around making long lists of things to be cleaned up before they enter a store. For instance I know 2 managers who were dumped into stores without any help from the area director and then demoted because pepboys first sets you up to fail and then punishes you when you fail due to lack of training or an incompetent area director. They decided to "restructure" which is code for cutting employees who have been with the company for many years and are making considerably more than they feel that they should so that they could reach this years goal of saving 3 percent in payroll. They moved managers and demoted managers without knowing anything about the managers based on statements made by an area director who hadn't worked with the associates and knew nothing about them.

It is sad when you have members of management and loss prevention who have worked with these associates trying to fight for their jobs only to be told that they needed to find other things to occupy their time. What type of company doesn't listen to the very managers they have just promoted? The CEO has meetings to explain the new positions and admits himself that he doesn't even know exactly what the new positions are going to be. That phoenix is the guinea pig for this new program.

If the CEO of the company isn't even sure what each position is how are the associates supposed to know what they are supposed to do. Lets not talk about how they handle sexual harassment accusations and worker's comp issues. When Human resources, the very people who are supposed to protect you tells associates that they are a bunch of whiners and will not take the time to listen to the associates who are they supposed to turn to. You go to human resources regarding a very real issue such as sexual harassment and unless you have video they tell you that there is no proof.

When there have been multiple complaints about the same person there is a very real problem. I think you have the pay scales very wrong. With the new restructure associates are making less than minimum wage and are given a 1 percent commission on sales. I don't know about you but nobody can survive on minimum wage but they don't care if you have families you need to earn every dime you receive.

This is not a rant, nor is this venting or meant to be defamatory. This is the truth from an associate who worked their way up from a driver position all the way to a store manager to be unfairly demoted based on misinformation given by a disgruntled assistant manager. An associate who had been confrontational with the manager whenever she felt like it. the associate had been reported to human resources in writing several times.

You would think that being members of upper management they might have looked into this associates human resources file before taking things at face value. I was trained to get all of the facts before jumping to conclusions. I would guess maybe that doesn't extend to upper management because they are above the very people who help them get the very large bonuses every member of upper management receives. You have food to feed your families and you live comfortably.

Do you think your associates would say that they are able to take vacations or have any extra money to spend?

I hope you sleep better than those of us who have no food in our stomachs thanks to Pepboys " restructure". If this is what makes you the preferred employer than I truly feel sorry for your associates.

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I was fired from pepboys for contracting a life threatening infection at work, requiring hospitalization, and partial amputation of a limb, because this happened during my 90 day probationary period.


I work there and hate my job.....


I distinctly remember while working at a Pep Boys there were two men- Victor and Bert and they were regional service directors, complete waste of payroll and they were abusive to us "lowly" store employees that gave them their fat bonuses, they would call or come into a store and expect to have everyone far up their butts


I would still like to know how there commission based service writer pay is legal....I highly doubt that it is, someone should start a union at that company


It's a shame that no one is gonna do anything

Maybe someone should reach out to the

New CEO of the company who is buying

Them to see if they care or if they are

Gonna play you worse


Pepboys uses this bull *** nps scoring as a way to wit hold your earned commision. Customers can have a bad day take it out on pepboys and your money is held. And this is worse for asst managers you help a associate out on a work order or try to help calm a pissed customer and you may not even been involved *** off and you get hit with the same negitive nps score and they hold your money to and try and say you are not gonna get involved on a wo were there is gonna be a negative and you lose your frickin job how fair is this thank god the labor commision agrees this is an illeagle act.

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