I paid over $600 on tires and in less than a year, the front left tire had a huge bubble in it. I paid for the warranty and went to Pep Boys, they stated the tire is not in stock, but they will get it for me tomorrow.

I go in the next day and it still isnt there, they state come back next weekend. I come back next weekend and the same situation! The manager comes over and offers to put some other random, different branded tire on my car......I ask them just to put all 4 on because I don't want 2 different types of tires on my car and they only have 1 of that tire. They asked me to come back at 5pm tonight.

I made 4 trips to Pep Boys and they could care less, not one apology or anything. Try not to go to Pep Boys at all because once they have your $$$$ they dont give a ***. Especially, do not go to the Baldwin, NY location. The employees are comprised of felons and bottom of the barrel citizens.

While waiting on a 3 person line that took 23 minutes for me to get to the register, only to listen to two employees talk about the crack they smoked the night before with a 16 yr. old girl...........the organization is comprised of complete low lifes!

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