Boca Raton, Florida
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I brought my car in one morning and was supposed to get it back that same day. They ended up finding another problem and kept it the next day.

Turns out they ordered the wrong part. So it had to stay another night. The next day, they ordered the wrong part again. The next day, they bought a part that didn't fit my car AGAIN.

They ordered the wrong parts 3 days in a row, so I haven't had a car the last three days. Don't go to this auto shop.

They are not good. This experiecne I had was terrible; I will never go back to this store again.

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Do you know for a fact that they ordered the wrong part? Does your car need a water pump and they ordered a tail light?

Or did the dealer or part supplier send a tail light when they ordered a water pump? Did you know that many of the people working at dealers today started at Pep Boys? It may be that the person that is actually ordering the wrong part was fired from Pep Boys for incompetence. The people you are frustrated with today may be the the people you praise tomorrow.

Pep Boys employees move on,they don't just disappear.

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