Riverside, Illinois

I needed a towed and call the 1800pepboys number and made arrangements to pick up my vehicle with details on were to leave the key, I call the State Police to asure I have call a toll truck and to please give pepboys driver enough time to pick my vehicle. Well after 4hrs.

I checked ifmy van had arrive at the Oklawn facility I spoke to George the manager on 95st. where I always take all my vehicles for repairs. came to my surprised they had no idea of my vehicle. I spoke to jessica and rhonda at the 1800pepboys and the the entire time I was on the phone their attitude was well what you want me to do.

they gave me no return call of towed concelation unstead My vehicle was impounded by state police. Rhonda on the phone I could tell her sarcasm and laugh of my incidente as she kept giving a evil better you than me apology. I spent closed to 2hrs on the phone and got no where. It was all a joke to them while I was pulling my hear out to track my vehicle at the last moment.

( after 6pm) they enjoy my frustration and I guess I made their day. Carma is a ***.

I will never do bussiness with you again and if anyone ask me you are as reliable as the ignorant employers you have on the other line who think you pay their salary and not us the consumer who keeps you on bussinesss. you rat on ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Customer Care.

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maybe you should not be driving a pos :cry


Cops don't impound disabled vehicles. That tow truck would have taken you where ever you wanted to go, you just didn't want to pay, so they towed it to their yard.

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