4 days after having PepBoys install a remote starter for my wifes car, the car started to try and start itself, the back truck kept on opening by itself and the dash board started to act as if possessed. Pep Boys came to pick up the car and after looking over everything, they said that they have to replace the started as it was fried.

They also replaced the auto starting kit they installed. I was being charged for the starter? They said we somehow must have played with the fob on and off buttons and rocked the started on and off. ***, my wife was livid at the accustation that she would be such a ***.

I should have told them to pull the whole kit out and refund me the cost of the whole job including he burnt up starter.

My wife wanted her car back and I'm holding my breath that the same thing does not happen again. Good Ridance Pep Boys.

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