Piscataway Township, New Jersey

0 Stars!!!! I had $1500 worth of maintenance done on my Integra.

3000 miles later, my car started overheating ridiculously, and then would not start. Turns out the "technician" installed my timing belt with the wrong timing and almost blew my engine. Needless to say, I was not taking my car back there. Of course, their argument is I should have brought it back to them so they could see what they did wrong.

3 days prior to the overheating my rear tire was coming off my car. When I took it back to them (I also had new tires put on by them) they told me "Someone must be trying to steal your rims." They will not take any responsibility for the fact that their technicians have no clue as to what they are doing. When I spoke to the District Manager, Dave Motyka, I asked for the contact of the Regional Manager. He explained to me that I would have to call the 1-800 customer service line for that information.

When I called the service line, they explained to me that they did not have that information and I would need to speak with someone at the store location to get the contact of the Regional Manager. I explained to them that I had already done that, and that the District Manager was the one that told me I had to call the service line for that information. When I called the store location, more employees told me that they do not have that information there. Basically they are giving me the run-around so that I cannot contact any of their superiors.

Don't waste your time and money here! You will bring your car in for routine maintenance and walk out with a list of issues!

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Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #968115

The worse mistake I ever made take it to pepboys to change my front brakes there my car doesn't have any noise before I take it there now the breaks sound like I'm playing a drum never I'm going to take it back there they don't know what are they doing!!!!


I am disappointed in the service I got at that store. That store from my experience is all show but no substance to making a customer happy with the work done.

For the past few times I have gone there there is always a lapse in performance on the help in the garage to get their tasks done and lack of management to make sure it never happens again. Today when I picked up my car I asked them everything was done and the counter person said yes. I go to my car to find out they never bothered to top the fluids where they missed checking the washer fluid and the other fluids which were low too, but they remembered to charge me for everything else that needed fixing the car that cost me today $600. The last time I was there for a oil change they forgot the reminder in the windshield.

The time before that I had a similar experience with fluids not topped off. It seems they don't care about the customer and I experienced the rudeness from one of the employees today with what I am about to tell you. As soon as I noticed they did not top the fluids today I drove my car to the bay in the garage where my car was. A man who works for them was driving a customers truck drove behind my car.

He yelled out the window of the truck and said you can't park there and block the bay. I said, you didn't top my fluids and I am first before you get to this other customer. I was pissed too that I spent 4 hours for my car and I am not going to be told to move aside. He told me to move anyway.

I said no. Another employee in the garage who I address the issue before the man in the truck yelled at me told him that I come first. I still pissed. If they like hiring people who don't dot their I's and cross their t's that is your choice.

My choice will be to go somewhere else to get the full service I paid for and not to keep checking your employees work out in the garage.

My wife keeps telling me not to go there because she had similar experiences in the car being tied up all day and to the next and I tell her the price you can't beat and I like going there. I guess I should say, I get what I pay for.


I believe you! It's been scientifically and mechanically proven that nothing can go wrong with a car within 3000 miles.

Kudos for you for smearing someone's name when they didn't deserve it! You go girl!


I also sell soiled mens underwear on the internet. I am a notorious bedwetter and I fingerbang my cat every night wether he wants it or not.


pepboys screws there employees . I still work there :x


I've personally been to that pepboys. im a regular customer there for 10 years now and i NEVER had any problem.

The staff are always friendly and willing to help, they\'re workmanship are of the highest quality of any auto repair around. i will continue to shoppe there despite your ignorant complaint


pepboys are better off without freeloaders like you


i HATE people like you lady!!! u had those gentlemen break their back fixing your car and now you want it for free?

your a cheap freeloader. get a life and stop it!!!!!


your retarded


sounds like your a bumbass trying to get something for free. if the timeing was wrong, you wouldnt be able to drive your piece of *** for 3000 miles.; and honda and acura are the most stolen car, ofcourse someone was trying to steal your wheels. probably mee


if timing is wrong on a car you know within minutes, or maybe you eat a hamburger 3 days a go and now you wonder if you will get you sick from eating it,

its call impossible to hapen your car just broke down from another component and you are so mad at the people who repair your car from 1 just one thing, no magical tricks or wichcraft are used in mechanics techniques untill today that i now about


so just how did your car run for the 3000 miles since the timing belt was installed,, must have run good if you didnt take it back for any problems right after it was done,, and many other things could have happened in the 3000 miles that you were driving it, to cause it to over heat.. just sounds like a crackhead looking to pass the blame on someone else and get something for free

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