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I wen't to pep boys in manchester NH. Big mistake !

manager over there Adam is a real piece of work. I wen't there after just doing pads and rotors on my car the day before.while doing this work we noticed the outer tie rod was bad and the inner was either bad or loose from the steering rack. pep boys sells moog so i figured that i would give them a shot and get the alignment at the same time. That was my plan.pep boys had another whole idea.they bring the car in ,mechanic robert hallsworth doe's his inspection i guess no test drive nothing.

he come's out with the report of a right outer tie rod and a cv axle same side.this is when it gets interesting. the red flag starts to rise. I got into the work area and he shows me this axle grease on the boot and says axle is gone and the outer tie rod inner is fine.I asked him where all the grease came from ,he just changed the subject never mentioned it again. we just had the wheels off it was spotless the day before ,thats odd.It gets better ,I tell them do the outer tie rod and the alignment .estimate 278.03 / 25.05 for shop supplies 10% of the bill ,I said to adam thats a *** of a scam .He says it is was it is .

ok ! A half hour later robert comes out and says ya your going to need the inner also .what ? we go back into the work area again, he is telling me the outer was so bad we couldnt tell this was bad ,really i reach up and grab the inner and it is loose from the rack ,i tell him it just needs to be tightened he gives me this weird look and says we are trying to save time here ,really ! ok he says .

A half hour later car is all set.I pay the bill ,no print out for the alignment ,weird. I go down the street to giovannis for lunch and get out and check the tie rod end ,guess what ?bone dry not a spec of grease ! I couldn't get back there fast enough .Adam says what's up ? no grease that's what's up .

oh that's not good ,let me bring it back in . he brings it in puts the grease in brings it out . comes over and tells me he greased it you want to see the video . wow , here comes the best part .I get on 93 to drive back to pittsfield NH steering wheel is crooked , What a surprise .

I go today to the local shop and tell him the story. he puts the car on the machine and prints out the results not even close you want to know why ,Robert never tightened the inner tie rod ! shoddy workmanship at it's finest . paid 118.50 to clean up adam and robert's mess.

filed a claim with pep boys corporate office also put a claim in with my credit card just in case pep boys has some more tricks up their sleeves .

ASE Certified ? I don't think so .

Review about: Pep Boys Wheel Alignment.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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