Rochester, New York
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The heater in my car didn't work and was told I needed a new water pump, thermostat and gasket for a whopping $712.00 dollars. (Car wasn't overheating, no check engine light and otherwise fine) Called another place and was quoted $389 if it really needed that stuff.

Paid the dignostic fee and took car to other place. Turns out the water pump and thermostat and gasket were fine. The heater core was plugged and needed to be flushed for a total cost including tax of $257. PepBoy's excuse was there was a "miscommunication" between the mechanic and sales.

They did refund my $39.00 diagnostic fee.

This place tried to rip me off for $455.. Unbelievable!but absolutely true.

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Sad. Flushing the heater core in this area costs $35.00.

Just had it done last year to mine. America is full of thieves under the guise of businessmen.

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