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STAY AWAY!! So the other day my alternator died out on me on the freeway.

I called AAA to have my car towed to nearest auto parts store so I could get my battery charged, because you can still ride on the batter for a little while. So they towed me to Pep boys, which are supposed to do free battery charging. These punks are all, "oh we cant charge you battery because the machine is reading its bad" when I know for a fact it was still good. So I was like, well cant you just charge it anyways just to see what it can do?

And the were like " no we cant do that, you either have to buy a new one or, have someone pick you up. These scammers would not even try to charge it, they were just going to leave me stranded and scam be into buying a battery which I know is good, they didn't even bother checking the alternator. Luckily I was able to get my car towed to auto zone and get it charged there. And you know what the guys there said about my battery?

That is was good as new. I advise you to stay away form these scammers. They are not professional skilled technicians, there just a bunch of idiots who don't know what there doing, trying to make a quick buck of you. I had another problem with them before as well.

I say a poster on there store that said free a/c testing and decided to get it checked out.

The guy was like, "we don't have the machine for that today you have to come back on monday and it will be $40 to test it out." And they asked me what kind of car I have so I told them, and there all, "oh we don't do that mode.l" Like I said, false advertising and a bunch of lowlife scam artist. I hope this review was helpful to all you.

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Save the $40 for some more crack you cheap meatball


see the way their testers work they cant charge the battery if it reads replace. its all software orientated.

how bout you let the professionals do what they do best.

have your battery tested again. i bet it reads bad still.


When you alternator goes and you kill the battery because your running off of that and not the alternator it may cause the batter to be drained to the point of no return. Your dumb for towing in to them to charge the batter for a bad alternator.

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