Midvale, Utah
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I hired them to change oil and clean and paint batterie cables. They charged me over $40 for basic oil change, didn't top off fluids and didn't tighten batterie cables.

When I couldn't get car started the next day I assumed it was a worse problem, since I had just had the battery worked on. Thought it must be starter or alternater. Mechanic on vacation, so I was without my car for 5 days. When I talked to manager after my mechanic explained the problem ,he was rude, condescending, and unapologetic.

Offered me 10% off next purchase.

Waht next purchase? I'll never go there again!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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Battery cables can be painted with a solution that keeps them from corroding again. I'm a woman and prefer to pay a professional to tend to my car, whihc is what I thougth I was doing when I hired Pep Boys to clean and paint my battery cables. I'm pretty sure part of the service is to tighten them back down again.


sounds like a dumb customer to me????


Paint battery cables??? lol what did you paint them green, purple or orange?

lol You dont paint battery cables...hahaha Then you said you hired them to oil, clean and paint.

You never said you wanted them tightend. Ha your dumb.

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