Morgantown, West Virginia

My daughter took her 2002 Chevy Malibu to Pep Boys in Norfolk,Va on Military Highway because ABS light is on breaks making a grinding noise and it is vibrating.They said sounds like a ABS problem. She calls me to tell me that they charged her $235.00 to replace the front breaks and rotors and the cars still doing the exact same thing.So to say the least she's out of 235.00 and needs to take her car to another place because they don't do ABS work!!!What can be done about this kind of service? Sounds like to me they have idiots working for them...

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I took my mustang GT in for a start up rattle, a rattle when shifting, and bumping while accelerating. they were quick to sell me a 400$ clutch and 600$ for labor.

They finished the install in one day. when I picked the car up it still was making the same noise. I called and did a formal complaint to corporate who assured me that they would fix it for FREE.

one day goes by and the shop calls me telling me they will replace the front wheel hubs for 750$ AND asked me to leave work early to come help them diagnose it. they claim that the start up rattle and shifting rattle is the wheel bearings.


we brought our 2004 accord to pep boys in staten island because the check engine light was on. 1st in at 9am and left the car to be diagnosed.

after 3 hrs they haven't even called tI tell us what's wrong. my husband called them and he said its a six hour job, tune up- hose for radiator etc etc. we said do what needs to be done to fix it after $1300 quote. he said it will be ready by 6pm.

we come back 530pm and paid $1350 for the repairs. service manager John even added a $120 warranty without our permission. next day the check engine light is on again. brought it back at 2pm.

John says give us a couple of hours. came back at 430 and they didn't even check the car yet. asst service manager John tells us he didn't guarantee anything. spoke to us in a tone like he was doing us a favor!

took another hour for him to get back to us. says he needs the have the car for 24hrs for some diagnostics.

what a rip off. this would be the last time we do business with them.


Everything he said? Yeah, disregard that, grinding noise?

mechanical brake problem, ABS light? electronic problem. two different things, and yes I spelled it BRAKES! You had two problems at the same time!

Both would have to be repaired anyway. I guarantee you that you came out cheaper with them repairing your mechanical problem with them and then you taking the car to the dealer for the ABS problem.


I would take it to the Chevy dealer.They have the training on that car....there is no way on earth that any general type shop will know all there is to know on any vehicle. They will know general theories ie: brakes are brakes.....there are several variations especially when anti-lock ABS come to be.ABS brakes have been proven to fail because the wheel sensors are dirty on the 1996 Chevrolet 3500 series dually truck and you wont even know it until you are driving in rain/wet and apply the brakes...the fronts will come on and if they lock they will release to apply the rear...BUT...if the rear sensors are dirty the rear brakes wont come on and you now have no brake applied even if you kept foot pressure on the pedal....guess how I know?

I went thru a red light crossing a major 4 lane street in Los Angeles in 1997....barely missed getting friend totalled a 1996 dually in the rain..he came to work and said "I put on the brakes and the truck just kept going! I wasnt going that fast maybe 35 and I ran right into a semi truck...Chevrolet was sued by hundreds over this....the same truck I drove was traded with a bigger truck and that guy totalled the one I went thru the intersection in....I was over by KLOS radio station it is a extremely busy area....I still cant beleive I made it thru..Paul



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