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I dropped my Jeep off for a water pump replacement in the morning only because the Service Manager said it would be done by 6PM the same day. The car was not over heating or leaking, it was for preventative maintenance.

The car was not ready as promised. A different Service Manager said they would compensate me for my trouble. The car wasn't ready until the next day 6PM.

It took them two days to change a water pump, no compensation when I picked it up and now the car runs hotter and vibrates. Don't use Pep Boy's Service!

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I took my truck to pep boys for new tires...2 days later the truck was vibrating to find that 1 tire was bad..honest mistake by them...however while waiting I find that they also broke my locking lug nuts off including the stems on 3 tires...I also find that they don't have the tires in stock for another day! 2 days later I am still without my truck which was needed for work!

... I'm still waiting


I took my car to pep boys back in 2007 because my engine kept overheating and when I was called the mechanic told me I better sit down because it is going to cost me 1700 (rip off) to fix the head gasket. Now at the time I did not know alot about cars and did not know that the head gasket sits on top of the car but they told me that they will have to take my engine apart.

When I got my car back I went to put windshield fluid in the car and notice that some of the nust an bolts were sitting on the engine (like they did not scerw it completly in) so a month later my engine blew completly out and when I went back to pep boys to see why it did when the y were suppose to fix the problem I was told that was because I did not put an oil change in my car ( which was done a month ago by pep boys).

I too was told that I will get compensate but never did and I had to buy a new car. I will NEVER go back to pep boys not even for a candy bar.


Go SEARS 8) 8) 8)

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