Everett, Washington
Not resolved

I took my car to Pep Boys on Evergreen Way in Everett WA. I made the appointment a day ahead, I dropped the keys in the box the next morning, I called after they opened at 8:00 to check in with the service department and when I went to pick up my car after work, they had not attended to it at all.

The keys were still in the drop box. I'm beyond pissed.

I missed a very important appointment I went out of my way to take it to them in the first place and there is absolutely no excuse. It is just very poor customer service and I will never darken their door again.

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You have it wrong, they will never darken your doorway again! :-) They're HORRIBLE and talk to you like your dumb


your an ***.

there was an envelope that was dropped, but no contact info and no key?

it was all your fault.


sooo, your only concern is that you parked a car at a Pepboys...dropped your keys in a box...and expected them to magically know how and what to fix lol id never leave my car like that, you sound like a retard!


Lol these things happen, but they should have at least given you a ride or something to compensate.

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