Pep boys can't align tires. They had them all screwed up and also destroyed my outer tie rod ends by over heating the adjustments.

The so called master mechanic was in such a rush, which I don't understand why the place was dead. Which should have been my first clue that there service ***.And then when they placed the tires back on they stripped one of the lugs/bolt. I had to replace the out tie rod ends and I had to replace the lug/bolt and to do that I had to replace the rotors and brake pads. Thanks a lot pepboyssssssssssssssss.

More like *** boyssssssss.

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wow are you that *** "destroyed my outer tie rod ends by over heating the adjustments" and the other work wow you are ***.


:? wow I don't have to say anything about this because I can tell u have no Idea what u are talking about.

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