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I purchased a tire from pep Boys on 4/12/2012 ( tras #008943 Store 0637) and on 6/11/2012 the tire blew up on the freeway with less than 100 miles I went back to pep boys to request credit for the tire and i was told that simply they would not give me credit and that they did not guaratied that tire, this is my first experience with pep boys and my last that is why your stores will go out of bussiness because of the worst costumer service ever Shame on you Pep Boys. Vernon G Riley.

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I purchase a new tire at Cosco and the new tire comes with road hazard guarantee at no extra charge to the consumer


Are we missing something here? What ever happened to customer service and the customer comes first?

This poor person purchased a new tire from Pep Boys and it should come with a full guarantee from the manufacturer with the exception of a foreign object being the cause of the blowout. Now with that said,the tire being still new the Pep Boys Store should have worked something out with the buyer instead of the remark that was recently made by NO and had the attitude of \"Well you did not buy our over priced Road Hazard GUARANTEE,so you are SOL\". I will say this, that Attitude by Pep Boys and the recent review given by Mr Riley will cost them (PBs) a lot more then a cost of giving a small credit back to the consumer. This is a national review and many people as well as myself will think twice about any future purchases from Pep Boys.

Thank you Mr. Riley for your stand up,fight back response. PS I am now shopping for new tires for my Chev.

suburban (I tow an RV) and will shop around for the tires costing between $1000/$1500. and will OMIT Pep Boys for any considerations.


they offered you a road hazard guarantee, you declined it, this is your fault. why complain???

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