Denver, Colorado

I just had two tires replaced due to road hazzard. 13500 miles on 75000 mile tires.

they were over half gone and I had to pay for 50% of the tire replacement cost. There should have been no more than 18 to 20% wear on these tires. They were used on a Subaru wagon, the correct touring tire for the car. The car is driven slow to average to save gas around town and on the hiway.

These tires will be shot after only 25000 miles. One third of what they say they should last.

At 70.00 a tire and the cost of getting them changed out, you end up paying alot more per mile for this tire than quality tires that do last 70,000 miles. DO NOT BUY THESE TIRES.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I bought four new Definity Hp100 Tires and road hazard,

I drive 6000 miles a year (not everyone puts high miles on). I just became a proud grandpa :)

The wife and I were asked to sit for 7 weeks but it involved driving 65 miles a day (total 2100 miles in the duration).

I went through all the things that must be addressed on the car before such a task and began the journey! I stopped in a garage for a front end alignment (done wrong twice ...not by Pepboys) but my tire kept running low on front right I have little time so I must wait and complete the task and when complete the tire was junk.

I got a new tire to replace (same brand and the alignment done right by Pepboys),

The tires have 18000 on the other three plus the new, there loosing air but when put in tank no signs of leaks so I thought a kid must be letting the air out!

After all the facts are in he would have to be pretty good to let out .5 psi a tire a week including the new tire....

The tires are junk, As for Pepboys they did not make the tire and I have nothing bad to say!! Forth Bad Review On This Same 18000 or 1/3 Use Complaint,,,,, Pepboys pull the brand before someone gets hurt!


I bought the Definity EX600 tires, four at same time, supposedly one free. I had 18,102 miles on the tires and they are junk.

As my state inspection occurs in November I was told these tires wouldn't even pass inspection. Okay, I'm 66 years old and do very little highway driving. Also, was married to a mechanic for years so know about oil changes, tire rotations, alignment, etc. These things were all done and the tires didn't last.

As my car is supposedly only half worn out, these tires should have lasted the remainder of the life of the car.

Also, just had some body work done on the car and because the car was in such "good shape" the shop did more work for the same price and commented that they had never seen a car that age in that shape. These tires are just junk and should be taken off the market.


Bought 4 Definity tires because of promotional sale and ended up with 4 damaged tire pressure sensor that the supervisor claimed to be defective. If it is defective why did I not notified ahead of time before this so called mechanic work on all tires? I have to save money to buy those parts that cost more than the tires. WHAT A RIPP OFF.

Wappingers Falls, New York, United States #620672

2 yrs and 62000 miles on EX600 and no issues whatsoever. Tire rotation every 10k miles

El Paso, Texas, United States #616829

lmao your rediculous. your whining because you paid $400 for tires that didnt last?

i bet you didnt rotate them or get alignments in the 25k that you drove.

try having a truck with 36 inch tires and you pay $1500-$2000 for tires...then i'll listen to you ***. you hippie ***

to zak Irvine, California, United States #657020

*** :grin

to zak Anaheim, California, United States #657025

I had definity hp800 for my accord V6. I have them rotated 3 weeks before I traveled to Utah to visit family.

When I arrived the tires were completely Bald after only 18,000 miles.(since I bought them) when I went to Pep Boys they offered to sell me more low quality tires at a discount. I told them I expected 55,000 miles and I don't have $ to buy more tires. I talked to the manager and after trying to sell me tires they replaced them under warranty. This is the second time that my 55,000 mile tires lasted less than 20,000 miles.

ohh yea they broke my bolt putting the tires on. DO NOT SERVICE YOUR CAR AT ANY PEP BOYS

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #567753

I bought 4 definity ex600 tires for my 2000 honda civic 2 years ago when it had 140K on it. After 25K miles, they still have significant tread left.

Can't report any problems.

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #552252

I only have one definity on my car on my rear passenger and the rest are used (but 100% tread) tires...2 cheap bridge stone and a generic tire on the driver rear....WHENEVER I brake hard (I have racing brakes made from ferron carbon) ...The definity tires ALWAYS loses traction first....I always fishtail one way then the other tires lose grip....(I needed new tires and I had no money for good ones at the time)....I always hated the definitys ...yea all 4 tires were used and *** but to be the *** of them all....cmon mannnnn

to spritemast #1007988

Your an *** my friend!! You fishtail cause your putting too much weight on front tires, braking too quickly

to spritemast #1173051

You have 4 different tires on your car and you are complaining about the tires skidding at different times and fishtailing. DIFFERENT is the key word here my friend.

DIFFERENT tires have DIFFERENT characteristics. Not to mention that 4 different chemical compositions and 4 different tread patterns on a car will create a mass of problems regardless of the quality. Even if the tires are the exact same size with similar tread patterns, you will never get the performance and "breaking" that you will with a new matching set of even lesser quality tires.

The breaks weren't meant to stop 4 different treads at the exact same "grabbing" point. This is common sense dude.


I have a set of Definity Dakota HT. Have only driven about 1,000 miles, but so far they are excellent tires. Smooth, quiet, and good traction when wet.


did anyone purchase an alignment with their tires?


Hard to take someone's point of view serious at all when they can't spell "Highway" correctly. These tire are made for budget minded customer's not high end ones. They are not top shelf, but they are not on the bottom either.

to Jeff Dunn Tucson, Arizona, United States #587586



bought Hankooks there, very satisfied but they are brand name and cheap there, just keep up with the rotations


Thanks for all the comments!! I don't know a thing about tires and am looking for some.

Pet Boys said these are good tires...ugh...

I am glad I looked for reviews! Thanks for taking the time to warn us!!


I have a 2005 nissan altima..These tires ( definity700) are horrible .. I had these tires installed in may 2011..constant vibration, both front tires have been replaced twice due to broken belts, front right side is out of round ...

I had to pay sears to diagnose this issue since pep boys wanted to try to blame it on my suspension lol .. I seen my Nissan dealer 2 times to check on suspension and they told me it those *** generic tires I have!! I had all my suspension parts replaced in Jan 2011 drove months no problem. I get these tires put on may 2011 that's when all the problems started!!!

Pep boys doesn't want to admit to these *** tires... I called customer service 6x's and nothing...

Calling bbb next to file complaint and if that doesn't work I will be taking them to small claims court.. They need to stop messing with me cuz I can bring this if they want this!!

Morgan, Georgia, United States #353329

PepBoys CSR's are brain-washed.

We were offered three sets to replace old tires . . . X, Y or the COOPERS?

We are brand name consumers when it comes to safety . . . "WE WANT THE COOPERS!!"

Returned a few hours later & they put DEFINITY's on the car.

WHAT??? I thought we bought the COOPERS!!

The CSR keeps repeating, "they are a cheaper name tire made by COOPER"

We didn't want CHEAP tires!

I told him, "we wanted the COOPER tires- familiar name-branded tires"

WE DID NOT SAY, "sell us the DEFINITY's"


Your math is fuzzy. You say they were replaced at 13,500 miles, but then you say they were shot after 25000 miles. Which is it?

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