Costa Mesa, California
Not resolved

My 2003 honda civic pulled to the right.PEP BOYS worked on my brakes, my car was never the same. the steering problem became so bad i could not drive the car.THIS WENT ON FOR TWO YEARS and at least six brake jobs.Pep Boys gave me back my car after doing repairs twice in such bad shape I could not drive it down the street.

Pep Boys sold me fake ceramic brake pads and other defective components ,which keep failing and have made my car dangerous to drive.I spent $850.00 and they never did fix anything.

I tried to talk to a manager.All he did was insult me. So now I will be filing a lawsuit against them

Monetary Loss: $850.

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I love the watermelon and fried chicken.

I works on cars too. I be werkin on cars to fix em for folks who didn't No chit about dem cars


Lol wow, epic fail by Pep Boys

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