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My father purchased a battery from Pep Boys about 2 years ago. He passed away and we were unable to find the receipt.

We went back to the store in San Diego and manager found the record of purchase in computer. We asked for a credit to buy a new battery. Store manager said no since principal buyer is not present. (We showed death certificate.)My mom was present and asked if she could get partial credit, manager says no.

Pep Boys does not stand behind their product. THis is a terrible example of poor customer service.

We went to Costco and their manager gave us a credit for the battery and discount to purchase new battery. We are telling all of our friends and relatives to boycott Pep Boys.

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the real issue isn't so much who bought...the real issue is that batteries fail far too soon. they rarely last for the duration they are rated to last.

ie. 36 month battery failing in 18 months. unfortunately this seems to be the trend.

the retailers then offer credits and hope situations such as this one arise so they don't have to stand behind their sub standard product. just the new business model apparently.



Prior SEARS AUTO Batt Tech here.

This whole batt issue/scenario stems from the death of a hubby in a certain family. Could happen anywhere and at any time!

This is a JUDGMENT CALL here, and has nothing to do any bad store manager, a bad store where it was bought, or anything else along those lines.

I'm not trying to get technical - or legal - here at all, but when the batt was originally purchased it was for the original owner (your father and not your mother), and the original car owner in ? (again your father and not your mother), and that follows any automotive store's policy on selling batts - less any specific STATE LAWS regarding the same, as some STATES have added special laws as regarding the sales of such things as car batts for instance. CA is one of those states btw!

It's always best to also read the FINE PRINT in or on the sales receipt as well as that of the additional TERMS OF WARRANTY (TOW) that is always "separately included" on the batt itself - as most TOW's will clearly state that the batt in ? is NON-TRANSFERABLE after initial purchase.

It was always that way at both SEARS Automotive stores that I worked at in the mid to late 70's as well. I was a Batt Tech there and installed 1000's of batts over a 3 year period so I KNOW. It was a LIABILITY ISSUE back then, and still is today - and for good reason!

Namely - LAWSUITS!

It protects all parties involved btw - the batt maker - the store selling the batt - and the batt buyer (namely your father in this particular case).

In other words - Pepboys met their (TOW) responsibility up to the point that your father passed away, and at that point they had no further responsibility to you or anyone else - including your mom - sad to say, as she WAS NOT the car's owner period! A wife yes - a car owner NO. Plain and simple - cut & dry as it were.

If I were that same Pepboys Store Mngr, and I was bound by the Store Co Policies mandated - then I have to follow that policy, or else I stand to be fired just that easily! It works both ways unfortunately, and I'm NOT taking either side, but rather just stating the FACTS.

A good batt only costs $50-55+tax at Pepboys, as I should know - my present day batt is an Energizer from Pepboys, and I DO SAVE MY Pepboys RECEIPTS RELIGIOUSLY!

It's time to heal and move on here folks….

END OF STORY - sad to say.


and to edit last remark...


so you other people are saying that YOU would not be upset if it was, say... YOUR FATHERS BATTERY? on YOUR FATHERS VEHICLE?


common sense people... please!!!!


Lisa San Diego...


pepboys batterys are clearly labeled! even if you didnt have a receipt, the manufacture date code is on side of every battery and, although will most likely be older than date of purchase, and thus not getting the warranty would not be as much as would have been if you did have a receipt.

it is SOURLY up to the manager on duty for this call! and it seems THAT manager has failed you!

not ALL pepboys are like this, this could happen any repair shop also

legitimate complaint, should call 1-800-PEPBOYS for this


Sorry you not having a 100 dollar battery installed wont put a multi million dollar company out of buisness. Eveyone wants something for free now days.


Regardless of warranty rules, good customer service in these challenging times will pay off for vendors. Pep Boys missed out on an opportunity to retain customers.

Costco had no obligation to provide a credit or discount, yet they did. So which company will reap the benefits of good customer service?


Warranties are only for the person who bought the product. Why should any ond warranty a battery if you did not buy it.


Warranty's are void and null when a vehicle transfers ownership regardless of the circumstance.

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