Los Angeles, California

While my car was in for a tire rotation pep boys in Moreno Valley CA scratched my driver side rear bumper. The tech advised me that he would refer the claim to "corporate" , in addition the tech also advised me that I needed new struts and my tires were cupping.

Not wanting to do business with these guys fearing that they would do more damange to my car I shopped around for the struts. I was advised from the Ford dealershop and another repair shop that I did not need new struds and my tires were fine.

Oh and "corporate" has jsut informed me via letter that they have no intention or repairing the scratch on my bumper either! DO NOT EVER GO TO pep boys THEY ARE CARLESS AND A RIPOFF!

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well i can tell you that i searched for 4 hours (i was asst parts mgr) forshock/struts for a 76 corolla.. i called everybody i knew and it kept getting bounced back at me....

the service manager kept telling me it was a corolla... they wouldn't let me go look because 'it wouldn't make any difference' and that i wouldn't know if anything was wrong anyway" so. fimally i was totally flummoxed as to why the parts kept on beinf wrong.... i went in there and found out it was a toyota CORONA, a completely different model...

this from a guy with 30 years of service experience... i can get frustrated, but it takes alot to get me there... i like to think i know what i'm doing for the most part... i was so f%&#ing mad, that i slapped the clipboard down on the counter after having wasted my tme for 4 hours when my initial plan to check it would have discovered the mistake...

the mentality of most of the managers at the store i worked at is exemplified by them wanting me to clinb a 30 foot ladder and clean the green SLIME 9 i found out later) from the ceiling... when i flat out refused, they threatened me with a for not following orders... i won that battle the asst manager wrote me up for interrupting him while speaking spanish to a customer after ignoring me numerous times, even tho he had received a phone call from one of my workers and didn't inform me, after repeated requests that he do so... he exposed himself to a female coworker who didn't know what to do....

so i called LP and had him fired for sending the third staff who is supposed to be there as a double check to prevent this home the night she claims it happened....

he's a ***... he would bark at you like you were in the army...


Pep boys is only good for simple things, like tires. Anything under the hood I will never let them touch my car again.

They are notorious for trying to overcharge or say things need repaired that aren't broken. For example: My AC stopped working in my Saturn (a hose had cracked near the condenser) They were trying to tell me that I needed a whole new condenser, rather than just the hose. I ended up taking it to a local mechanic who other friends have used for years.

The mechanic stated what was wrong, fixed it and the cost was 20% of what Pep Boys was trying to get. Had the car for another 3 years without any AC problems.

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