Anaheim, California
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Mr Ramirez,

I had the displeasure of meeting with one your employees this morning. I had to drop off some packages at the post office next to your shop and wanted to use the restroom as I am on diuretics and 68 years old. I understand that you can not allow indigents to use your facility but I have a Lexus, Corvette and Lincoln that could potentially use there service .He was very rude, aggressive and condescending and stated for “customers only” embarrassing me in front of several customers. I grew up in Fullerton and for 40 years exclusively purchased all my pats from your shop on Harbor Blvd as I was an still a car enthusiast. Lastly, I had my oil changed on my Lexus at your facility and when I returned home it was a quart low. I plan on contacting all your top executives to air my complaint about Richard Lesue and my treatment


Gerald C. Stafford

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Semmes, Alabama, United States #616096

Apparently you seem to feel you are better than an "indigent" because you own a Lexus, Corvette, etc......

I own a Pinto; does that make you better than me?

You being 68 years old and on diuretics should perhaps plan better and not assume that you have "The gold key to the crapper"just because you may be more affluent than others.

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