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Get rid Of Mark Kanneg, the DM for Hampton roads, in Virginia, and Glen Lucian, the manager from the Norfolk, Virginia Military Highway store. Mark had Sexual harrasment charges filed against him, amung several other complaints filed, he survives.

Glen was fired from Pep Boy\'s, for fraud. (working people off the clock is just one of the charges proven.) Mark got him hired back after less than a year. Mark is corrupt. No one knows who supports him (Mark) from Pep Boy\'s corporate, but he must have clout.

Theft at the Tidewater Virginia stores by management was reported to corporate by several Empoyeee\'s via the fraud phone #. Audit\'s were performed, nothing was ever found missing. HMMM. I saw a Ford motor loaded for a managers friend into the friends pickup, no paper work.

When a parts employee reported it with paper work proof to the fraud #, that the motor was ordered in, never sold, an audit was performed. Nothing was found missing by the audit team. The employee is gone. Corrupt management survives (Mark, Glen, etc) The Employee\'s hours were cut to less than 10 hrs a week until he \"quit\".

This sent a big message to all of the hourly employees in Hampton Roads Virginia, \"shut your mouth, or else!\" Check it out Mr. Taweh, and get back here with your findings, if, as you state, \"I promise you we are currently molding better management teams.\"

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That's exactly how it works with Mark. Kiss his ego and you are a golden child.

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