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all shops quote labor from usually the same labor guide, good mechanics can always finish job faster than book time yhats what makes them good and making good money, valuble to you the consumer and the buisness, if you would rather wait the full ten hours just sit in the waiting room an extra 6 hours before you pay.

its amazing to me how most people in thier own jobs can justify the prices and practices in thier field but mechanics and auto shops are all scam artits. i dont see why the trash co. cant pick up and dump my trash for much lower price, after all they drive right by my house every day and go to the dump every day why so much just to cary my little trash with them?

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what is the nature of your complaint? If i understand you correctly; you're a mechanic paying way too much for trash service..??

Or are you just tired of people calling you a ripp off when there's much bigger ripp offs out there being ignored? I agree to a point. I mean no one would walk into a restaurant and complain about the price of a steak and their "mark up" claiming that it only costs $2.79 a pound at the market, of why the glass of wine is $7.00 when you can buy the bottle for $8.99.

The truth is that some shops dont put up with it, they're professional and good business people, but most just cant seem to get it right. So get used to the complaints and the questioning of your prices and practices, its just the nature of the business.

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